I’ve been pondering when blogging began to consume me so darn much. It’s not something I can really put my finger on. I used to be able to do stuff outside of the blogging universe. Lately I have no creative spark to be able to interact outside the walls of the blogosphere. Well sort of. This place will be a lot less about blogging than my previous digs. It will be less personal, and more personal. It will definetly talk about the makings of a blog collective. It will talk about community. It will talk about blog networks. But I also will probably rant about my latest dining experiment. About girlfriends, about ex-girlfriends, and about life in general. I need to begin to let loose a little be a touch less serious about blogging. And just talk about how great my burrito was the other day. Eeh gads. I know so boring. But alas that’s what a blog is for.

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