Mental Breakdowns and How To Cope

You know at times I have to be honest. A mental breakdown has been in order. Let me discuss with you a bit of history. I fight a daily battle. It’s my own. I’m fairly open about it. But not to much. Last year I had the pleasure to help out at a Cancer Camp for Kids in Montana. It’s really changed how I think about my own personal battle. Almost all my online friends know nothing of my battle. No, I’m not talking about my alcoholism. That’s a whole nother can of worms. hahah.
So while I don’t plan on putting up the notes to my own personal struggle as of late. I would like for Loren to think hard and long before talking about suicide as if it isn’t an option for people who struggle with health problems. Health problems are real. And maybe mine were showing on my blog. Not sure. Something to consider. But please don’t go so far as saying I’m going to post a suicide note anywhere on my blog. I mean really you never know how that’s going to hit someone.

In the meantime I’m getting back to work slowly. Completing shit I’m well behind on. And trying my best on a lot of fronts. I like working on multiple fronts. And I can tell you that TenFootSquare will have a lot of people involved in the decision process. The faster I can move from the leader the better.

On the same similar yet different note. My failures are my own. So if I have them. So be it. We can only learn from our failures and move on with it. Constantly improving. I’m going to try to keep my cussing to a minimum on this blog. I will alot one cuss a week. Only one. And so far I can’t think of a good reason to use it today.

Peace out.

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