What is Hojoki ?

Hojoki is truly an ebodiment of who I am. Inspired by the story of Hojoki. Sadly enough. The story of Hojoki is summed up pretty good in this excerpt. It’s a reflection of my life really, and my exisistence on the blogosphere on a variety of levels. I’m a true minimalist. I live simply. I live to create. And create I do. Thats part of this whole concept. Empowering people to create and network organically and naturally in the blogosphere.

The history is the history of Kyoto, or Heian-kyo, the capital city of Japan in what must be one of the most disasterous periods for any important city in history. Kamo no Chomei describes the Great Fire, the Whirlwind, the moving of the capital, the famine, and the earthquake, all while civil war between the Taira and Minamoto clans is going on. In this chaos, he is denied the appointment as priest at the Kamo Shrine that he might have expected, and, with all these other experiences, this leads him to renounce the world in favor of a retreat into a Buddhism that is philosophically close to Thoreau’s transcendentalism. The late Medieval period was a time of the develpment of several new sects of Buddhism in Japan–Shingon, Nichiren, Zen–but what Chomei preaches from his ten-foot hut is pretty fundamental–the world is a veil of tears and the wise man will turn his spirit to Nirvanah. I identify with the author strongly–if I were left alone I might arrange my affairs to live as simply as I could, too, enjoy what I could do with my own hands, and see with my own eyes (I tried to imitate Thoreau while I was still in my teens–but now would want my computer and VCR). At any rate, it is not hard to see his pattern of reaction to the catastrophes of life as pretty universal. via Hojoki

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