I want to be frank with people who have contacted me. And what not. A little history is in order. I was in the navy for a brief moment. During my time their in what seems like eons ago. I was administered the Anthrax Vaccine. At the time I didn’t realize its effects. I was sick, but didn’t connect the dots. Over the years I developed a chronic illness. Later was diagnosed with lupus. Now I face its expansion in an unusual form. It’s very consistent with Gulf War Syndrome

I’ve started taking steroids, and some anti inflammatories while I undergo more testing to see what can be done to stop the aggressiveness of lupus which seems to come in bursts.  The steroids and I have never gotten along well and we aren’t at the moment. It seems to correct things on a short term basis but comes back stronger later.

My energy level is extremely low right now. It took me forever to do this post. I’m in a quiet relaxing place as I consider/ponder and decide on taking some short term chemo treatments to deal with this shit. Still totally trying to make the right decision as its really blasted me in the last few weeks.

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