Ok, I’m half back. It’s the half way point and I’m tired already but its a good start from little to no production the last while. I go back into the doc later tommorow to work out some options. Thanks for all the support. You would be amazed at all the great ideas I had sitting around the inside of my brain. I’ve been looking and evaluating various projects I’ve been involved with in the past. And so much of it rode heavy on one to two people. I don’t see that as a defining moment here. I want TFS to be more fluid. More decentralized, and even less organized once it gets off the ground. I want to wake up and be suprised by someone uploading a controversial YouTube video on the front page.

In other things I’ve been evaluating what I do to make money online. I seem to be shifting into google arbitrage more and more and affiliate marketing and looks like i have some SEO and Design projects on the table personally which is nice. Does this mean i can put an end to my massive database of splogs?

I’ve been evaluating income and here’s how it’s breaking down:

75% Fluid Income (Residuals,Property,Arbitrage)

25% Manual Production (You know work)

Now understand my intake is fluxing up and down and my gross spending is about 10% higher than intake however with some modifications in theory I should be able to shift my fluid income up about 10% and my spending by 20% and be doing decent over the course of the next few years in creating lazy money.

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