a little bit of poetry and venting for the moment.

a poem entitled: missing you

I’m standing here all alone. Saddened by my loss. Angered by your innoncence. Every time I drift off to sleep I see your smile. I see your joy. I feel the warmth of your soul all around me.  And I remember everything I worked for is gone. You are gone. Here one moment gone the next. The voices won’t shut up. The world is over and they won’t be quiet. The tears fall from my face. The shame — the disgrace. Insanity was never the plan. But without you I am alone. Without you I am nothing. From dust I came and again I will return. At the end of the day when I swim back to sea will you be there, waiting for me? Will you wrap your arms around me and gently touch my lips? Or will I swim forever without you, without us….

They say time will heal all wounds. But without you there is no time. There is no wound to heal. There is just this empty hole. I’m not ready to move on. I said Yes. It was for life. It was forever. And yet you left in an instant and left me here for now all alone. You turned my world upside down and then you left in a flash. Where is tommorow? Where is yesterday that I can relive it all over again? Who will join me at the table. Who will kiss me? Who will wake me from this endless sleep?

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