9rules Watch:

Shawn, the former 9rules Religion Community Leader Leaves 9rules to start The Daily Scribe, a network of religious + politcal blogs ( Shawn, a warning. Those mix about as much as Sex and Religion) { disclaimer: I was formerly an underling of Paul Scrivens, and a member of 9rules }

Andrew Jones, the man who got me blogging years back has joined The Daily Scribe { disclaimer: in the past Andrew and I were friendly, exchanged emails and the like }

The evolution of all the networks is still very much in its infancy as new networks form, other disolve, and yet others merge together. It’s a lot of fun to watch. And really each one serves its own purpose. So I really encourage everyone to check out the quality content on all the networks. For a great place to turn check out Blog Network List or Blog Network Watch { disclaimer: In the past I worked for BlogMedia, and held equity in various properties controlled by BlogMedia of which both of these are BlogMedia properties }

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