I’m not the type of person who likes to give negative advice, as point. In this case it was way to obvious. The digitally famous blog, Chartreuse (BETA) broke this story to my inbox. You can read about it on his blog {RSS}.

His blog is a definite must read. He brings to light that the RIAA, aka The Mainstream Music Industry’s Negative PR Machine has started sending out legal requests to take down home videos from the popular viral video site – YouTube that is often used for folks to exchange and share videos, and also a great place to kick off your next viral video marketing campaign.

What the RIAA is essentially doing is neutering not just the music industry but the entire “viral marketing” industry. Because music is so central to user generated videos, and to viral campaigns in general the RIAA’s threats and legalese is basically a massive slap at an entire new economy, and a new form of public relations. The one where you actually get the users that love your products to create awesome passionate videos and concepts because they want to.

If your a new age PR Guru what the RIAA is saying to the mainstream population is you can only use print. You can not even listen to the music anymore. You must buy it. But it must remain in the sealed case.

So if you’re in the music industry, or you’re in Public Relations at any level. Strictly avoid copyright non-sense — share with your consumers, don’t bash them over the head because they are passionate about your product. Clearly the RIAA has forgotten they have a product, and they obviously hate the consumer of the product.

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