Today Netscape Launched Beta. Some folks think its a Digg Killer. What no one seems to be talking about is how Jason Calacanis, a guy who I’ve at times been pretty tough on is using his power backing at AOL to make New Media even more mainstream.

When AOL bought Weblogs Inc, they didn’t just buy the readership. In fact I suppose the real reasoning behind the purchase was not the income but the diversity and wisdom of the staff. And the ability of its leaders to bring new media, blogs, and the like into the collective at AOL.

This was a hugely wise move awhile back and my real bet is Netscape is the killer portal that brings back AOL, and makes the Weblogs Inc investment pay off. But the dividends should also be huge for the entire blogging community, and all of the new media industry.

It brings a major bit of the mainstream internet into our den. It blurs the lines between the old internet and the new internet. Which will only help make blog networks, new media, and social networking sites even more mainstream. Even more talked about and yes, even more powerful.

Some criticism was levied against Netscape for not direct linking to articles but providing a sort of proxy tool in which to travel to the original site. I’m actually in favor of how they’ve done it. Because it gives me a better ability to surf stories, and hopefully gain RSS Subscribers. Which is one of my favorite things to build up at these metajournalism sites.

So Jason, and team. Good luck. You’ve opened yet another door that badly needed opening.

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