Recently Steve “MicroPersuasion” Rubel had a quick tidbit of information on American Apparel advertising in Second Life, a video game/virtual reality. All is well. I could comment on the fact that I wouldn’t want to micropersuade anyone. I would want to really persuade them. This is definetly not the way to do it. Instead of spending big advertising dollars on wasted eye balls. How about creating your own video game, and giving it away in stores.

There’s a methodology to it. So here’s how you go about doing it. You create a blog. Then you engage people and give away the video game free online, and also give away copies in the store. Not only do you have free advertising you get the kids, and adults eyeballs. It’s a far better investment. And I’m sure you can find some video game developers in America who would be willing to develop it. Here’s some quick ideas for a video game.

American Apparel Empire Builder — Simulate Running your own American Apparel Store. Earn points to buy real clothing in the store.
American Apparel Shopaholica — Simulate A 24 Hour American Apparel Shopping Competition where you mix the theme of Grand Theft Auto with the concept of a shopper who has to overcome great odds to get free clothing. Like travelling between stores while facing terrible obstacles. People can face off online and earn points that they can redeem in the store.

More commentary:

Dear American Apparel,

A few things this does. It attaches people to your brand. Which is the real point of advertising. You are creating passionate new customers and rewarding the old and good ones. While this might cost a few million, or less who knows. It’s a much better way than tossing up a bill board on someone else’s videogame.

Dear Steve “MicroPersuasion” Rubel,

Instead of merely linking to stuff, and not offering real award winning commentary. Jump out there and reward your readers with original thought provoking articles on Next Generation Public Relations. See while you aren’t doing this. The times are changing. The world is growing. In the future public relations, and even press releases will all be done online via YouTube, and Blogs. Some might even be done inside video games, and on direct iPod Connections. Other beemed down into your microwave. Ok, that part is probably over the top. But so is the concept of YouTube to my grandparents. The point is your content has been reeking lately. Get it together. Be innovative. You are at a huge great organization called Edelman. Do something with it.
This post was not meant to be harsh. I just shoot straight from the hip. Because that’s the way it is.

Jeremy Pepper, has some nice commentary on American Apparel and copyright issues. Check it out.

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