I recently started a companion blog to my new celebrity blog, its a celebrity blog aimed at keeping an eye on the YouTube Stars, its aptly titled YouTube Stars. Some might say what in the hell is worthwhile watching on YouTube.

Well Carson Daly has recently inked a young talent by the name of Brooke Brodack right off the little screen, YouTube has made Brooke Brodack digitally famous. Here’s a clip from Variety Magazine that Brooke has on her MySpace page:

YouTube has churned out its first crossover viral video star.

Carson Daly has signed Brooke “Brookers” Brodack to a talent/development deal, making the 20-year-old the first talent to emerge, in an official capacity, from the online service.

Via his Carson Daly Prods. banner, Daly will work with Brodack on content for TV, Internet and mobile outlets.

Brodack’s portfolio of vids range from comedic shorts and parodies to video diaries. Her video “Zuma,” a sendup of the widespread musicvideo for “Dragosteta din Tei,” by Romanian boy band O-Zone, has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Daly said he became mesmerized by her videos after recently stumbling upon them online.

“The Internet has become a new platform for identifying emerging artists such as Brookers. I hope to give her the opportunity to expose her talent on a much larger scale,” he said. While Brodack isn’t the first talent to surface from the Web — MTV star Andy Milonakis got his start with online video sketches — hers is one of the first deals struck based on YouTube popularity.

“Several things immediately caught my eye watching her videos,” Daly said. “She’s got a fresh point of view, considerable directing skills and a great sense of music and how to use it.”

Next step for Brodack will be to discuss longform content with Daly and CDP development senior VP Ruth Caruso, in addition to more of the shortform clips she’s been producing on her own for the past several years.

“There is potential for Webisodes, mobile series and definitely a great TV show here. She’ll be an exciting package to present to networks,” Daly said.

Here’s my favorite of her videos:

Still not sure why Chartreuse isn’t talking about this instead of doing Hot Girl Weekend. Because this is real news. And its really hawt. The news that is.

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