Google hired Matt Cutts for one huge reason. It wasn’t for his ability to develop better search technology. It was to scare the living daylights out of the competition. Over the last 12 months Google has waged a massive PR War against everyone. And truthfully they have done it wildly well. First off their stock isn’t worth anything in reality. It doesn’t pay dividends to its stockholders. It’s like me selling you a box of rocks and telling you its hugely profitable. In reality owning a part of Google makes as much sense as owning a piece of the Green Bay Packers. You will never make any cash but you will be a part of the fan club.

In 2005 Google and Microsoft engaged in a war over a Microsoft Executive who Google badly wanted to hire. Or did they?

Google has spent millions with Sun, so Sun could wage war using OpenOffice against Microsoft Office, including utilizing the Adobe Patented PDF export. Something I’m sure Google exec’s laugh at to the bank. Sun has been highly effective on the education front.
Does Google really care about OpenOffice or does it care more about destabilizing Microsoft?

Google helps fund (millions and millions) the FireFox Foundation to compete heads on with Microsoft in the Browser Space, and in Search Toolbar Market. Why? So it can remain the leader in search.

Al Gore who advises Google also sits on the Board of Directors of Apple. Hmmm you don’t think there’s any Microsoft animosity going on here?

Google has launched web app after web app not to directly compete with Microsoft live, but to be the early adopter of Web Based Applications so as to detract attention from Windows Live, and also to distract Microsoft. And well its worked. Microsoft casualties have been high even as far as Bill Gates being a casualty of innovation. ( I know that’s probably a stretch.)

While some will say I’m totally off base. Google has mined competitive intelligence and stayed one step or more ahead of its competition on every front. They continue to innovate. They continue to change. But will they continue to make the right moves in the upcoming years with their core product — Search?

Hard to know, but my guess is yes. Because Google spends millions of millions of dollars watching the competion. Gathering information and intimidating the crap out of them. So what is your company doing to stay one step ahead of the competition?

Competitive Intelligence is a huge part of Public Relations because you want to remain one step ahead of the “other guys” and be able to manipulate data to your advantage so that the public feels damn comfy about what your doing. And so that your inside guys especially your PR department has all the data it can possibly get its hands on.

CI departments were some of the earliest adopters of internal blogs for sharing important data within companies. And they remain a step ahead on utilization of PR tools,RSS, Search Engine Tricks, and CI folks often double as PR experts so as to feed important data about the competition to the right journalists. Or to the right bloggers.

Even if you’re a small time company, or a small time business. Competitive Intelligence + Good PR equals one step ahead of the other guys that is unless everyone starts doing it. But most of these old school companies continue to fall behind on CI and PR, and if you mention a blog they automatically write it off as something school kids do.

Remember, even the little guys are making up lies, and calling it spin. It’s really just Competitive Intelligence + Public Relations Spinstering. Why aren’t you doing it?

If your interested in a Free Competitive Intelligence Report hit me up any time.

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