Google has a massive revenue of “failed products”, these are products that me, an above average geeky guy can’t even seem to get behind. Google says they don’t have to be successful because they are in the search business. However let’s take a look at these products and why they have failed until now. Andy why its mostly as a result of bad PR, and the inabiity to listen to its users.

Google Video
Google Video just isn’t usable. If they were to do something more bloggish, more user centric, where you could interact with other people who are downloading, and uploading videos to the Google Video Service. Such as the YouTube Model.

A simple solution would be to integrate a more friendly consumer friendly product model called Google Video Too,
a social network built on video, with built in advertising for video bloggers using Google’s Adsense for Video.

Google Talk
Google Talk’s pros and cons are that I’m forced to utilize it because its in my Gmail. However on a day to day basis I just don’t use the downloadable version. I leave my email open all day so in turn I utilize it. If Gtalk wanted to be successful they would go out and buy Meebo, and develop the ability to talk to all my IMs within my Gmail. Overall most of my internet pals, business partners, dont use Gtalk they use AIM, or Skype. So that’s what I use.

Google News
Google News is great, but the social interaction level is where they seem to fail. They seem to fail at every level of social interaction. And while admitting that is one step closer to sucesss. What if instead they actually tried social development on a small scale with their newsite ala the Digg Model. Like a “Google People’s News” it could easily be developed where you could submit news stories directly from your Google Reader, or your Gmail account, or even Gtalk. But who am I to think innovation.

How to destroy the Google Blogspam

I really doubt we are going to see Google use any of my suggested adaptations. Not that they aren’t listening. But that it just doesn’t seem to fit their model. They all seem like they are apart of a well planned PR cat and mouse game with Yahoo and MSN while they move on to other money making profits. They are buzz products to keep people coming back to Google, and to keep people talking about them.

However with GBuy, or whatever the product name is you have what I truly believe will be Google’s Next Bread and Butter. A payment solution for businesses ( who also happen to be consumers ) that will definetly compete with Paypal, but will hopefully allow advertisers to be able to allow for the payment process on click throughs of adwords to be streamlined and more trackable.

Thus making it a “more valuable” click through. It also makes it more trackable thus also helping publishers get rewarded. Gbuy actually could if integrated correctly help force Google Spammers to have less incentives to compete in micropennies and start developing worthwhile products that convert at a much higer rate.

Imagine the following scenario:

User logs into Google Account. And opts in to track his clicks for personalized search. He sets out to buy some products. Say a new book. He jumps over to Google Search and starts searching for reviews of Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright.

He stumbles onto some blogs, who are running adsense, and read their reviews. He clicks on an advertisement. And purchases the book at using Gbuy.

Ok, Google knows how the user a) found the site b) where the user read the review c) the process the user went through to purchase the product

Google can alter its search algorithm to bring the crema of search results, or high paying search results to the top of its search index thus making information more relevant in relation to shopping. Which is where search is headed really. It also can reward the publisher better based on an actual converstion rather than just a click. Thus determing the value of real clicks thus making blog spam much less valuable.

Google could bring an opt in Publisher Rewards program that would reward high traffic high conversion sites that utilize adsense. And thus penalizing blog spam.

Using this analysis Gbuy is much more important to search, than to retail than anything. And its much more about relevancy. And besides GooG will be banging a percentage of the transaction to be able to reward the publishers who opt in to the next level of Adsense.

I realize this is just a theory, and a risky one that would rely heavily on people being users of not only Google Search, but Google Personalized Search. But it really could change how we think about publishing and it would be a huge plus for Google’s negative PR in relation to blogspam and the like.

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