Great piece Zefrank put together. When Delta Airlines needs to start asking people if they have a blog. Because ultimately they are going to get fucked. Because the truth of the matter is : Delta Airlines sucks. I know, Zefrank knows it. The pilots know it. In fact everyone knows it. Problem is the only way to improve the customer service is to go ahead and realize that “The Customer is always right.”

This is age old advice that some great swami taught me. ( I learned it waiting tables in some god-forsaken mexican dive in Tijuana)

Problem is, Delta hasn’t learned it. So how do companies avoid PR problems like getting viewed by over 100k viewers about some “Sorry/FuckYou” Letter? Well for one, they need to fix that shit on the spot like any other business. Basically problems like this wouldn’t happen if you empowered your low level employees to fix problems. Because these are the only ones who care, some of the time. Your policies don’t give a rats ass, your complaint department could give a f*ck. And Susan obviously doesnt care.

Or you could just start screening your ticket buyers.

Sorry sir you have a Video Blog, we aren’t allowed to sell to you.

Ok, no seriously. If I’m Jet Blue Or Any Other Competitor. I’m totally buying Zefrank a ticket. Then I’m using this clip in my new commercial.

Zefrank: Delta Airlines Edition

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