First off I recently perused Howard Lindzon dot com,a blog by an investor from Phoenix, Arizona. Great blog. About 9 months ago I was living in Denver and uncertain of my next job. I interviewed with a company for a managerial position. The companies name was Sauce. Even though I had a few years of on and off time in “the industry” they really liked me. I ended up not going back into the restaurant industry but nonetheless I was treated with some great respect and had a great time interviewing with them.

Secondarily the only reason I considered Sauce in the first place was because of the artistic quality I found in a couple of their restaurants. Notably the two I am familiar with Bloom and North.

Sauce’s Menu is amazing. For those not familiar with Sauce it is a quick service italian eatery. Here’s a description from their website:

Sauce pizza & wine redefines the idea of “fast casual” with a unique and fresh approach to dining. The outstanding menu at sauce includes a variety of unique, thin crust, red and white pizzas, market fresh chopped salads with housemade dressing, slowly roasted lasagna and grilled paninis on chewy fresh baked bread. A well chosen selection of wine is available by the glass or bottle as well as Italian and domestic beer. The contemporary interior of sauce is exciting and vibrant with tangerine walls, pistachio green chairs and brick accents. A beautiful granite community table overlooks the open kitchen where diners can watch their pizzas being baked in the brick oven. Oversized photographs of Italian landscapes watch over the dining room and complete the inviting and casual atmosphere.

Get to the point
So you might be wondering what in the world this has to do with Public Relations. In my experience its usually people you interview, people you hire and people you fire who have the biggest influence over your reputation. In this case Sauce secured a great review from me, as soon as I found their was a few connections in the blogosphere that brought me even closer to Fox Restuarants,Howard Lindzon and that whole operation.

Sauce — a great investment,a great restaurant, because they take new hires seriously

Even better: . Howard Lindzon, a guy who knows his Sauce.

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