I confess I haven’t bought a CD since 2000. I haven’t bought much music since. Some iTunes. I steal all my music. Well most of it. But guess what? When I buy it. I love it. You might ask me how I steal it? Well I just don’t listen to the crap that’s out there. Don’t get me wrong I transferred my CD collection onto iTunes a long time. It’s about 20 GB. But that’s old news. I listen to music on YouTube, Free Internet Radio, some paid internet radio places. And I don’t buy CDs. Fuckem.

The money is in the concerts anyway. The money is in branding. And pay-per-view. So what is this post about you might ask. This post is about the changing face of music. The internet is creating a lot of “new celebrities” but guess what the music companies can’t seem to understand what the people want is less rules and more freedom. Freedom to explore to discover music.

We want to be able to listen to music and digg clips. We want to be able to lipsync. We want to be able to able to create our own commercials. We don’t want to be locked into one player. We don’t want to pay 20 dollars for a CD when we will probably lose it and most of us own MP3 players. We want freedom to love music.

So if you are a musician and you hate the “establishment” there is hope. Check out this gal.

Terra Naomi

She’s been played over 200k times on YouTube. Holy Crap. Just imagine if she charged a 1 dollar download fee. Cough. Why the hell not. I think I would pony up a dollar for this song. For a higher quality version. Enough said. The music industry is going to die.
Because YouTube will kill it. Once someone opens up YouTube for Mobile Downloads and we get iPod Video Players with wifi. Then we can kiss goodbye the death of the entire music industry.

Ok, probably not completely. Because they will sue everyone before they let it get that far. But the point is. There is a lot of talent out there undiscovered. And the music industry needs to explore this instead of harassing us music loving folks.

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