terra naomi
We live in an incredible age. I was born in 1980 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve seen the invention of greatness around every corner. But up until this time. I haven’t seen this greatness
used to really change the world. I heard my first Terra Naomi song about 8 days or so ago. I realized their was just something different about this young gal. Her music had me and plenty of others mesmerized. More than anything it was a melody of healing that echoed down through the halls of the internet.

Her hit single, Say It’s Possible was viewed 400,000+ times in one week. All the while for the most part she was out in the desert relaxing, thinking, reflecting. And if you talk to her you will realize why. What’s inside is deeper than most people I’ve ever met. Here’s a cut from our recent discussion.

Me: Ok, Terra one huge question to kick it off, Why aren’t you signed with a major label already?

Terra: I think that’s the question of the moment….i’m being asked it quite a bit. It’s funny timing because my producer and i were just starting to approach some major labels.
When all this stuff started happening and it shifted the dynamic – instead of going to people now they’re coming to me. I like that.

Me: I can imagine that’s a much better situation to be in.

Terra: ya – i’m sure there are still guys in suits going “hmm….i don’t hear a smash hit single!” but i like to think that over half a million views of my videos in one week speaks pretty loudly.
And it also shows the shift in power from the labels to the artists. And we no longer need them as much.

Me: So, lets say you decide to forget the labels And go it alone. You got 1/2 Million Plays in One Week. Think if 25% bought a song at 1.00 a piece. Not bad.

Terra: ya – that would be nuts.

Me: I mean its very possible. have you considered that alternative ? My only thinking in this is the RIAA is a crock of shit (pardon my french)

That’s a good point. It’s a tough call – i mean, i’m not a marketing genius – but i could hire one. It’s tempting when a big corporation wants to throw money at you. i would like to say that i would turn it down, but i really don’t know until i’m in that situation and see what the offer is. There are things the labels can do that bypass a lot of the grunt work of self-promotion. Of course, this youtube thing – i didn’t do anything but upload it. The rest was viral. So if it happened like that, well, that would be amazing. But i’m sure it would be a whole lot of work to really launch my career completely independently. Or maybe i have already!

+++ Short Intermission While I ranted about Chartreuse aka Prince Campbell +++

Are you worried about the whole net neutrality thing?

Me: Yeah it reaks of bs. Especially because of stuff like you’re doing. I mean what if “Company A” didn’t like that you turned down an offer so they went direct to the broadband providers and blocked access to your videos and songs. It’s totally feasible and its really ugly. Big Corporations have the power to do it.

Terra: Yes they do. It’s really scary. They control so much of every aspect of our lives already.

Me: How long have you been playing?

Terra: I’ve been writing songs for about 6 years and playing guitar for the same amount of time. And I have been playing the piano since I was young.

Me: Your lyrics are just crazy. Is it something you learned or is this stuff from your heart?

Terra: It’s all the subliminal messages i encrypt in my videos. No really. This is all from my heart. The Words. The Music. The Meaning. What I write is how I feel.

Me: Tell me about your writting if you would.

Terra: Like I said this is all from my heart. I always wrote a lot in school – mostly poetry. I’ve been through a whole lot – and i feel like the only justifiable reason for the stuff i’ve been through is that i can help other people with my words. And take what i’ve experienced and make it all worth it.

Me: Tell me about you. The person behind the music.

Terra: My life is my music. Although I have an awesome dog. Elliot is a pomeranian. Getting back to business, I have a hard time with this business – people in LA are cut-throat. I’m trying to find a way to navigate through this world and stay true to myself. It’s amazing because everyone likes to think that “the good guy always wins” – that’s such a pleasant idea and it’s bullshit. We’re here for this tiny, insignificant amount of time. We have to remain true to ourselves and all that really matters is the way we make people feel day in and day out. Because really the only thing we know for certain is that we are going to die. i don’t mean to sound morbid – it’s not meant in that way at all…I started singing because it was the only thing that made sense to me. Music was the only thing that made sense. I saw the effect it had on people. Healing.

Me: Tell me one thing that you could do with your music, or as a result of your music what would it be?

Terra: I want to reach people. as many people as i possibly can. and i want people to somehow feel a connection between themselves and the people around them – everyone – and not view ourselves as “me” and “them” – no more “other” – just one collective conscience working toward the same goal which would be peace in every sense of the word. That’s a tall order. But if I could choose one thing. That would be it.

Me: I see you sang as part of Neil Young’s 100 person choir on his album. Tell me about that experience.

Terra: It was mindblowing and it gave birth to another idealistic project of mine. I had never written an overtly political song – and that experience was life-changing. I realized the impact that songs could have – i mean, i already knew somewhat.

Me: Since we’ve beaten around the bush about fame. What’s your opinion.

Terra: The only justifiable reason for any kind of fame, in my opinion, is if you use it for the benefit of others.

Me: Thanks so much for your time. 🙂

Commentary and Misc:
In short Terra Naomi is a pioneer in an age where anyone can make a difference, or be a celebrity or both. She’s an inspiration for change. As we see the need for music labels to stop oppressing the lovers of great music. The music industry is built on power and control. While what the people want is music and they don’t care how they get it. With an idealistic soul like Terra Naomi and a growing wave of technology the world around us changes like the wind as whole entire industries are swept away by something as simple as a song with meaning. As I mentioned earlier Terra Naomi participated in the 100 person choir on Neil Young’s latest album. More info can be found at Thought Mechanics. The best part was in the comments.

“Terra, you have to be one of the most talented and caring people i’ve ever met, i doubt if the other 99 back up singers were as moved as to go home and write a song but i’m sure they’ll all keep the ripple flowing in the right direction.I’m sure Neil is very proud of you and honored that he had the affect on you that he had. He said it would cause a ripple and you my friend are that ripple and i’ll become that ripple and my friends will become that ripple until it becomes a wave of peace, love and understanding and all because of a tiny spark.” via

I look forward to seeing that ripple move forward to make a better world, to produce music that helps heal, and I continue to see technology help her grow. If you haven’t listened to Terra Naomi you can find her:

Something Good To Show You | MySpace | YouTube | TerraNaomi.com
And I leave you with a song:

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