I am not getting paid to write this post. However I did get paid by PayPerPost to blog other places for other topics and even this topic. This one is a freebie and from my heart after I read all the crap elsewhere)

I want to start off this post with a list, a rant, a bit of a word slam.

1. Bloggers are New Media Celebrities right?
1a. New Media Wanker Mike “I already sold my soul to Zoho” Arrington believes PayPerPost is wrong.
2. Bloggers Have to Pay the Bills right?
3. What if your fan club revolts?
4. PayPerPost is Good for Business.
5. Ted Murphy Just Gets It. But no one else does.

I am a Blogebrity. Who cares – I don’t.

Those five points sum up in short where I stand on the issue. I’m a part time professional blogger. I have helped a company recently promote some products online. I didn’t get paid for it. I was more than glad to promote a product I believed in and used. One that is profitable for me. Even in the short time I tested it.

Notice: I believed in the product.

Mike Arrington has slammed Zoho a few times. Yet he took their money and changed his tune. I will never change my tune unless the money is really good (joke). I won’t use a Zoho product because they manipulated Mike Arrington. I generally will test programs only that Mike Arrington hates. Because I figure they must be doing something right. Because he sold his soul to Zoho. (Notice No links for you guys? It’s because of that money transfer crap pay me and the links begin to flow again.)

However Mike “I sold my soul to Zoho” Arrington has the balls to diss PayPerPost. I find this funny, darn right fucking hypocritical. In fact Mike continues down a path towards total lack of respect, worse than Joel Comm in fact. Because he is using his power in the industry to try to sway opinions to make his world easier. Because if PayPerPost or a similar program got fire his advertising dollars would probably dry the fuck up. Poor Fucking Arrington.

I have bills to pay. So screw Mike Arrington. I will be transparent. I will warn my readers if I have any left. I will only blog about stuff I believe in, currently. If that policy changes I will let you know and post it clearly. If my fan club revolts oh well. It wasn’t meant to be. I can still run it as a business and do it that way. In fact if the fan club revolts Google will have to face a smart guy who no longer has fans and can equip a business to maximize search crap. Holy Mork and Mindy its game over for Google. They thought a few billion pages was bad. Try 8 Trillion here I come. ( Just Kidding. I don’t advocate Spam and Never Will)

PayPerPost will keep my blogging focussed on product reviews and site reviews more often. Something I rarely do because well I don’t think many people value my opinion in that arena. But who knows the companies do so off I go to pay my bills. Is that so evil.

Ok, enough mean evil rant. Back to the real world. Although I’m still royally pissed at Arrington for being a wanker. Oh look you just expanded your advertising blocks from 4 to six. Shocker.

Ted Murphy gets it. Here’s why I think you should try PayPerPost:

I love the honesty! The biggest challenge we are going to face is that people will do anything to make a buck. It is up to the individual blogger to be true to themselves and their readers. This is from the site:

Advertisers will post all sorts of Opportunities, from a simple “link back to this site” to product reviews with pictures. Each Opportunity will have different compensation based on the advertiser. It’s up to you to pick the Opportunities that best suit you. If it doesn’t feel right, if you don’t own the product, or if you can’t be honest we ask you to pass on the Opportunity.

I think that this will be an incredibly powerful tool for advertisers and finally give bloggers a chance to make a buck for all the benefit they provide to companies. Celebrities get paid millions to wear products and be seen with their favorite drink. It’s up to the celebs to choose what they wear and drink and if they are being true to the fans. If they love the product and they can make a buck at the same time everyone wins.

Bloggers are the new celebrities. They can make or break products overnight and in my opinion a blogger endorsement should be compensated if it can be done in an honest fashion.


Bravo Ted Murphy.

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