The Ever Famous Big Man Who Sits On The Red Couch Wants PayPerPost to Fail. Even worse he goes on a rant about How Ted Murphy is Evil. I have blogged for Pay for Ted Murphy so I’m biased. But Shel Israel blogs for hate so he’s biased.

Does it matter who you listen to?

The concept itself isn’t a bad one. The staunch hatred of a person behind the product Ted Murphy is despicable. I recently read Naked Conversations and this tone is just the opposite of what Shel Israel was trying to teach companies. In fact Shel Israel wants bloggers who get paid to starve.

He goes on to demand Ted reveal bloggers who need the money. Well Shel here’s why I like PayPerPost. I’m an entrepreneur. Not a hugely successful one. Butone who is working towards paying off debt and also swinging consulting work when a good project comes along.

PayPerPost will augment that income. And make life easier. Your arguments just don’t hold water with me. The two pioneers of blogging don’t believe you should get paid. And even one of them wishes the destruction of a company and the livelihood of others goes down the drain. Shel how selfish. How egotistical and disrespectful. This concept is no more evil than Google holding the monopoly on search engines and being able to make the rules. In fact its less evil. It’s no more evil than Microsoft selling licenses to software at “MASSIVE” markups on cost so that Billy Gates and Co. can make Billions and Billions.


So now we have a huge problem on our hands. The so-called leaders of the blogosphere want to see this program die. Mostly because they are rich white males who already augment their income with free gifts from companies that we have to trust they return. I call bullshit.

We need new leadership. One that believes that its ok to get paid if you need it. We all need it. We all get paid. And if you get paid be honest about it. Don’t bash companies that pay you. Why isn’t anyone bashing Google for paying bloggers?

Does that make us biased. No. And Neither does Ted Murphy’s PayPerPost.

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