I really do actually like the new 9rules. Minus some drunk tirades in private and semi public forums. They are prepping to monetizing the long tail even if I dont’ understand long tail. Over the last year or so 9rules has moved from a loose grouping of blogs some of those early days I really enjoyed. Back when it was small. Now its moved into being a hybrid digg/netscape like site where community members posts are automatically added to the front page, and where users/outsiders can add thoughts/notes to the various communities.

I think this is a good plan and a good sustainable model. 9rules probably has a better chance of competing with Digg than Netscape does. Only because I think Scrivs is smarter than Calcanis and while he may not be better networked he’s real and I can give him props for that. I would love to see 9rules fail only because I think they were morons for how they handled their shit with me, and my friends earlier this year but oh well by gones are by gones.

When I look back at the people who had the biggest influence on me in the last year of blogging here’s the top ten influencers of my style, my relational networks, and just the all moving shaking list of people who have helped morph me into being a more legitamate playa in the tech world.

1. Matt Craven
2. Barron Christian
3. Chris Pearson
4. Brian Clark
5. Prince Campbell
6. Ben Bleikamp
7. Duncan Riley
8. Patrick Gavin
9. Anon
10. Scrivs

So what do I think lies ahead in the next year?
Well a continued move away from blog networks, and more a move to video blogging, experimental music, a clothing line, more software development. I don’t see myself ever getting locked into one venture. I’ve learned that’s just not who I am. One thing that I think is entertaining is there is so much that goes on behind the scene that goes unnoticed. This year almost all my online income has been made via blog sales, and advertising. Not adsense. Not sure what to think about this. The first half of 2006 has changed that as I’ve done a little more consulting but I’m still not in the mood to get to involved in that. I still love building and selling sites.

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