Jack of All Blogs

So there’s controversy brewing around the sale of JOAB again. Not that I care. I’ve ended a business relationship with Dan Zarrella because he failed to live up to his promises. He threatened to smear my name all over the internet. He took parts of drafts we worked on at Writely out of context. We had a working handshake deal that he would take over the site and hosting as soon as he could afford it.
He also took parts of AIM conversations we had out of context as well. At one point I was basically going to give him the site for 50% off because I liked the guy. In the meantime I paid for dedicated hosting for the site, took all revenue and dealt with him not living up to one big part of our verbal agreement maintaining the site.

I’m not going to smear Dan. I’m saddened its worked out this way. I have offered to repay his deposit that we agreed to verbally over IM. I have a history of negotiating blog sales and most of them have worked out great. This one didnt. I’ve told him I would refund him 500$ he put down on the site. I dont like how he’s handled some of the image conflicts for the new buyer. It’s just unprofessional. That’s what this boils down too.

However, I’m disappointed in the communication breakdown between Dan and I over the last few months. Of this I’m saddened. I’m totally willing to work with a moderator. But I’m done dealing with him. He has taken my words, various email out of context at times. And other times just added stuff in when it was convient. And he’s Published my private email addresses. And well launched into a campaign of negativity via emails.

I wonder why I should even bother working with a “buyer” like this. Although this has taught me to draw up tough contracts and get them signed sealed and delivered before allowing a tenant to move in. I’m disappointed in the profesionalism of those involved who made themselves look really horrible during all of this. But I guess you find out who your friends are during times like this. In the end I have to take responsibility for doing something dumb and not being smart in handling a blog sale through better channels.

Thanks to those who have emailed me and given me a pat on the back. Much apprec.

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