So Scrivs thinks I still hate him. I actually dont. From a business side I dont actually like him too much. But as a human I have a deep respect for him. He laffed off part of my entry about Hollywood which was slightly an inside joke known only to a select few mostly my girl “Hollywood”. If you need to look for her you can find her in my MySpace. Secondarily I hate most celebs. I run sites mocking them.

My biggest stars are real people. People like TechnoSailor,Pearsonified,Peralty, and the likes of the coolest bloggers around. And yeah I’m going to do some cool parties this week. GoogleDance at SES, and a few others. I have one party booked in LA. Heck one of my best friends won an Academy Award a few years back, and is still fairly connected with some badass folks if you had newspapers archives you could look a bit more into his history. I’ve talked about him before and he’s always been like a second Dad to me. But hey I dont need to prove shit to anyone. I went to WordCamp cuz I believed in it. I made a non behind the scenes appearance. My financial relationship to the blog herald is my business. And you might happen to know The Blog Herald commissioned part of the staff to go to the damn event. As far as SXSW I had a death in my real world friend circle and other shit to deal with in my world. So bugoff.

BTW — I said 99% nice things about you Scrivs and the 9rules network. Heck I brought it up only in the highest regard.

BTW Since we are in the lets smash pumpkins all over my head moment arent you guys advertising ScrivsTyme all over 9rules. Shit I thought half of that was adult content. Atleast it is whenver i listen. “I wouldnt want my kids to…” Ahh fuckit there’s no point dragging this up. I hope you get rich and party hard. NO seriously I do. You’ve been great for business. And you cant say I havent been great for yours.

Going back to my early afternoon beer.

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