Chartreuse, of 1938Media has been a big fan of mine. He always talks about talking about the people. But by ignoring Creative Commons, Copyright Law, and the general goodwill of a certain photographer he’s just a moron. He goes on a rant about how important it is to talk about people to relate to people and then he takes a big smack at his readers by ignoring some basic principles of journalism something he has no regard for. GIVING PEOPLE CREDIT.

Char took some high level dirt slingings at me in the past and I took it all in good nature. But enough is enough. Dont act like you are above the fucking common courtesy of proper credits on a fucking image. And don’t tell me one thing and do another. Yah, you know going so far as to tell me one thing on Skype about my video blog and telling your readers another.

Sorry man, that’s just disrespectful. It’s almost Mike Assingtonish. His best argument for the whole deal was his incrimination of me illegally downloading music on the internet. While I have Morpheused a few songs and I think my friends sent me a few songs the other day the guys a real nitwit and slowly losing ground since he partnered with Loren Feldman of 1938Media whose tactics include inciteful bullying and pure fucking obsession.

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