First off I agree with the New Orleans bloggers largely here’s why.

1) This is a publicity stunt.
In my opinion this is largely a publicity stunt and has less to do with the truth and largely to do with hyping 1938’s image on the blogosphere at the expense of yet another tragedy. It’s about glory seeking fame seeking conceited assholes taking advantage of a natural disaster to do some PR work for themselves. Largely I agree with Adrastos.

2) This is about egos and free advertising dollars
Instead of spending a few thousand dollars going there viewing the ruble and making a publicity stunt out of it aka free advertising. Send a 1000 dollars to a needy organization that can help people on the ground. Support the local bloggers by profiling them as often as you can on your blog. Develop a relationship with bloggers on the ground. Find out there needs and do something great with it. Empowering bloggers rather than seeking for yourself glory is the key to success here. And the key to making friends in the New Orleans Blogosphere. Even on the New Orleans Now website it doesn’t say seeking truth it says Chartreuse Beta. So again its all about building brand Chartreuse and less about giving a shit for New Orleans.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

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