A Classic Poem from MySpace to Yours
Across a distant path was another road that led to somewhere where you might have been.
A place where you might have been had I been looking for you. But I wasnt.
Yet somehow you were looking for me. And in the midst of this looking. You found me.
And I found you. It was in the midst of this looking that I treated you wrong. And somehow
we weren’t able to forgive one another. It was like we were looking to find each other but
we werent. And we were looking to not be able to forgive each other so we wouldnt have
to love each other even though I havent stopped loving you since. And in the midst of this
loving you I haven’t been able to love anyone else. And this anyone else is also the same ones
I’ve slept with and yet I’ve dreamt of you. And its you I want to be sleeping next to. And
yet I have no idea where you went. And the only ones I’ve stuck with are the ones I dont want
to be stuck with. Yet every time I start looking for you all I find is them….

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