Understanding YouTube and MySpace is really hard for older generations.

A lot of people just dont get it. I sometimes don’t get it.

It’s more common for me to get a MySpace account than a phone number at a bar anymore.

I hate news sites. They arent meant to reach the YouTube and MySpace generations. That’s what’s wrong. Kids use blogs, and YouTube and Myspace to escape from news. A lot of us hate news. I don’t turn it on. I try not to listen. When I do. I’m in control. I can turn it off. I can leave a comment. I can have a voice.

I can be the one in charge. The world is so much different for me since Columbine, and since 9/11. We need Third Places and news just aint one of them. We need a place to go away from home, work, and school a place where friends are. That’s YouTube and That’s MySpace. It’s that simple. It can be ugly. It can be broken. But in the end. It’s ours. I’m no different. I want what’s mine and I’m tired of importing fear. I’m tired of grownups telling me to be afraid of terror. I want to live. And the only way I can live is to ignore it all and love creativity, love all peoples of creativity. Embracing hope in a new world. A world when disasters strike we can cry, and help one another instead of bickering over territory. Instead of fighting over religion.

I bring you the ever morphing web project that started as YouTubeStars renamed and remixed as SphereCrunch

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