When I was growing up in the backwoods of Montana a lot of fun could be had by taking a box of Boone’s Farm out into the woods with a boombox, and a few guns.


Today the Cool Kids are armed with a laptop, a wifi connection, and [ Insert Random Booze of Choice ]

myspace generation

Last night in Tijuana, we decided not to go out to the Red Light District. We avoided Hong Kongs, The Brothels, And the Street Whores. Instead we sat on the balcony of “The Fortress” ( Our 7 Bedroom 5 Bathroom Encampment) and hung out with some girls from Chula Vista. Ok their was just 3 of us. But this is how many of the parties went that I had when I was growing up.

I’m eating some kickass food. And I load up my iTunes. After awhile I turn the controls over to the cool kids and we play the best music of the century all in the MySpace Music Search Engine. If I was smart like Chartreuse I would say this was the end of the music industry. But that’s not the point. This is the end of the boombox and Boone’s Parties. I’m officially old. I was told this last night when I asked some of the Cool Kids about some music I used to listen to.

The key to all of this shit is Adapt or Die. Whether you are in the Music Industry, the Party Scene, or the Boom Box Industry, maybe even iTunes. The only industry that never changes is the coffin business. You build a box and toss it in. And in 3 years Web 2.0 and all this other bs will be just that an old memory of nostalgia.

So fire up your MySpace and turn the music on with your favorite booze of choice and stare at the stars.

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