Syntagma Media — the blog network formerly known as the technicolor dream machine spinoff of B5Media tech guru Johnny Evans has “rebranded” itself as a web network magazine.

Syntagma Media

First off let’s analyze this phrase.

What is the Web?
The Web is parellel with the internet. It’s the internets cousin. It’s a secondary series of tubes.

What is a Network?
A network is an interconnected system of things or people. In this case I believe Syntagma is referring to this series of tubes.

What is a Magazine?
Magazine is the name for a item or place within which ammunition is stored. I almost got confused on this one. Luckily I grew up in Montana. We know what magazines are.

So Syntagma Media is a interwoven secondary series of tubes in which we store ammunition online of course. And I sure hope we dont treat it like a truck. You just can’t dump stuff on it. And you better not call it a blog network. Cuz, its an interwoven series of tubes to store mother fucking ammunition.

Let’s look at the content for a second.

To sum it up in one sentence: Its like the long tail exploded into a bomb shelter and someone pureed it.

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