web 2.0

I dont understand Web 2.0. I dont get the fucking business models. I see no hope trying. I think its better if we try to understand the younger generations and fucking build business models around this generation instead of trying to find ways to annoy the hell out of me with a fucking useless social networking site.

The younger generation is just like your generation but cooler. You won’t understand the cool because you aint cool. You won’t understand the terminology, the fashion, and you won’t understand the fact that they hate your fucking companies. They like shit cheap. They like it now. They want you to die in a heap of rubble. They love good design and sex. The more the merrier.

Immigration is more important than Web 2.0 Adapt or Die Motherfuckers.

Recently I took part in a business investment deal ( cough cough ponzi scheme ) and they were considering investing money in a Web 2.0 company. I told them to take their money and drop it from a helicopter over Tijuana. It would be better served. Place a paper clip on every bill with your business card. It would have better returns than fucking Web 2.0.

I see people right and left investing money in dumb stuff that will probably never make the return. The Bubble has popped not the money bubble but the idiocy bubble. People are only getting slightly more stupid from here on until we see a total collapse of the market.

Solution: Invest money in people instead of businesses. Invest money in younger generational projects that will bring some level of lasting value to the internet + world . Don’t copy someone elses idea. Be yourself work hard. And work hard to keep it small and profitable.

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