I’m digging around looking for as much content,knowledge as I can on link baiting. See I’m a huge fan of linkbaiting. In fact I own a domain I plan to develop in which I teach dumb rotten scoundrels the secrets of How To Linkbait.

So I’m strolling around the internet. Have pissed at Matt Cutts again for making his site show up near the top of Google for linkbait when I start reading this article.

Normally I wouldn’t get annoyed.

Today however I was annoyed. I found this phrase, White Hat Content particularly annoying and typical of Google’s self righteous attitude towards being the Self Proclaimed God/Authority of Search and Content Standards. The people who should be determining what content is whether white,black,gray, is the users.

More and more Google attempts to proclaim itself the God of All Things On The Webosphere and more and more I get annoyed by the fact that its in piss poor shape. But thanks for the drinks earlier this year. And that Googler I shagged I don’t remember her name. She was a hottie. Thanks for setting that up. Other than that you guys do a great job. But cut down on the self righteous standardista crap. I don’t want to hear it. The internet is just a fucking series of tubes. And if I want to toss shit on it like trucks neither you, nor Ted Stevens can say anything about it. So layoff the koolaid.

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