I’m a huge hidden history buff. Today is the anniversary of The Battle of Monterrey. To me its the most important battle ever fought in North America.

The Battle of Monterrey marked a significant marker in the history of the United States and of Mexico. Mexico halted US advance for a short time. And it also marked the first time in that war that US Soldiers switched sides and fought as an organized battalion.

Immigrants to the United States were conscripted often times by force to fight for the United States in spreading its imperialism southward into Mexico. During the War US Soldiers spreading Imperialism ( cough cough Democracy) were accused of torching Catholic churches, raping young girls, torturing prisoners, and looting. Hmm. Sounds a lot like the current spread of imperialism in Iraq, and torture, raping of young girls, killing of innocent families. Shit this stuff seems to repeat itself every few hundred years. But some young Catholics had enough. They deserted their posts and started fighting to protect the lives of the Catholics, the independent nation of Mexico and fight for their lives back. And while they managed to prevent two separate surges by the greater force they are held with high honor in Mexico, especially Matamoros and Monterrey.

Where are the brave men and women today who are willing to stand up to a “democracy” that is clearly out of hand that oppresed whoever the fuck we can oppress? Who is willing to fight not with weapons and with the warfare of this day and age with the mighty pen, with words that sting deep at the core. The truth is the American People are so selfishly stuck in their own false reality that they can’t see the damage being done. They don’t drink the cup of aggression that lays waste nations beneath it under the guise of Democracy. They drink not the cup of wrath that lays wait to those that criticize The President of The United States as if he is the Fuhrer. And We Are Jews. They don’t comprehend the starving destitute that wait on the other side of Democracy that create your fruitful economy. Yet you make war with those who are your slaves? You declare war on those who cross into your “freedom” to mop your floors and clean your bathrooms. People travel hundreds sometimes thousands of miles in the desert with no food and you kill them. All for the sake of appeasing the politicians who have no clue.

The Brave Men who switched sides were later hung. And if that weren’t bad enough. It marked the largest execution in US Military History.

The San Patricios captured by the U.S. Army suffered harsh punishments; they had been responsible for some of the toughest fighting (and the heaviest casualties) that the U.S. Army had faced. Those who had left military service before the official declaration of war on Mexico were branded with the letter “D” as deserters and sentenced to the stockade at hard labor. Those who had entered Mexican military service following the declaration of war were hanged en masse for treason in full view of the two armies as they fought the Battle of Chapultepec (12 September 1847). By order of General Winfield Scott, 30 San Patricios were to be executed at the precise moment that the flag of the United States replaced the flag of Mexico atop the citadel. When the flag was run up the fortress’ pole, the gallows were dropped.


Where is The Legion of Strangers Today?

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