It’s true. Syntagma Media has approached us in some indirect flirtations about acquiring some nice ass over at PornCrunch.

Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed. We are so proud to send off one of our newest flagships into that Web Network Magazine. I mean It brings motherfucking tears to my eyes. In the meantime check out the newest from Syntagma Web Network Magazine and Media, iSyntagma.

Also in Monday’s edition I will feature the best Boobies from the Galapagos Island. Sneak a peak after the jump.

Remember the Internet is For Porn. No one cares about blog networks. We all know its about filling up the empty space in our history between one set of porn and another set of porn. Call it a blog network. Call it a magazine. It’s like determining the difference between a stripper, a prostitute, a whore, and a porn star. Yes, there are clear differences. But the lines often become clusterfucked. So chill out. If I want to fuck whores,prostitutes, porn stars and call my networks magazines and my magazines networks that’s my business.

POST Disclaimer: If you have read this far and you have been insulted. We do offer a money back guarantee. Luckily for us you didn’t pay anything so fuck off. I have no idea what side of the bed I woke up on today.

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