I think I have hit a brick wall temporarily. So I’m going to do some technical details to get ready to continue creating my vision of this company. I see all these niche job boards launching every day. I can’t seem to keep track of them all. I’m going to mash them all up into a single searchable site so people can find what jobs from all of them. At first I had one vision of what this would look like. Then I had another. So its going to take a lot of tweaking and testing to get this right.

In the meantime I’m going to fiddle with the details. DNS Propagation,and making more Yerba Mate and eating another peanut butter sandwich. It’s going to be a long night.

I didn’t like that earlier idea. It’s too unoriginal. So I can aggregate some job boards. Woopty. I’m going to take a nap and think of a better concept.I’m on the clock so this better be the best sleep I ever had.

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