The Business Plan

Part One: How To Engage The Blogosphere – The Post 24 Hour Plan
Their are so many bloggers who could never start a job board of their own. Like a CrunchBoard. Or a GigaomJobs. Or a 37Signals Job Board. So what are bloggers to do that want to have a job board and make money by having a niche job board of their own? HR Folks want to have greater reach right? Why not create a PayPerPost like system for Jobs. Where users get matched up in a marketplace to advertise new jobs in their sidebars. Bloggers essentially would have opportunities to post jobs related to their niche right on their blog. For anywhere from $5 Dollars to $50 Dollars an Opportunity depending on the niche. Bloggers would also be rewarded for selling spots in their jobs section via an affiliate program. Consider this a “Monster-to-Go”.

Part Two: The Blogger Database
One of the things I don’t like about PayPerPost is that its all about pagerank. I merely want to focus in on influence. I’m fine with putting link condoms all over the blog posts, Why because this is about reaching influence. Wouldn’t you want an opportunity to reach the influential audience of a high profile blogger with 4000 subscribers in the tech industry? Or the Restaurant Worker with 300 of the best cooks reading her blog? I know damn straight that’s the audience I want to reach when looking for new employees. Passionate people with a voice. This is JobGrazer.

JobGrazer is about reaching audiences you have never been able to reach before. It’s about presenting opportunities to bloggers, to readers, to audiences you have never knew existed. It’s about creating conversation with future employees, and with customers. I’m sure that by creating this we will find a hundred other people out their who will copy this idea. And that’s great. We encourage it. JobGrazer is about being forward looking. It’s about changing the world in 24 hours by innovating and creating a Web 2.0 company that does something. Something different.

The Internet is Full of Conversations. JobGrazer is all about continuing conversations into the real world by creating employment opportunities for passionate people. I could call it Recruiting 2.0 but I won’t. Our job isn’t to match employers with potential employees. It’s about matching passionate companies with people passionate about what they do. Sometimes that doesn’t look like a job. Other times its a 9-5. It’s a changing world. Jobs aren’t the same anymore. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the most talented people in the world’s ideas.

Part Three: Monetizing In A New World
I’ve always been a fan of success stories. JobGrazer will help companies and will only get paid after placing a superstar with a superstar company. We aren’t a job board. We are a community marketplace of people looking to find the right match. We encourage companies to participate for free. Likewise we ask that bloggers, readers, and job seekers participate in the community atmosphere that resides on each blog/forum that is in JobGrazer.

Huh ?, So an Employer places an opportunity in our Job Marketplace for 10 -50 Dollar Job Posts. He get’s to select 10 Bloggers in our JobGrazer System and each blogger makes 50 Dollars and we make 10% on top of the Blogger Fee. If the employer doesn’t fill that position as a result of our placement we refund the 10% fees back to the company looking to hire a new person, or utilize that for a future listing.

Risky yes. But I believe in the power of blogs and the ability to reach a large influential audiences.

So Let’s Begin. Head on over to and let’s begin the conversation.

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