Many regulars of Tijuana will lay into people that pay bribes for offenses they didn’t commit, suggesting that it reinforces the cycle of corruption. My personal opinion that it is up to you to determine the risk and consequences of paying or not paying a bribe. I personally think no less of people that opt out with bribes.


When is a bribe not a bribe? When is kidnapping really an arrest?
These were the questions rolling through my head on the morning of October 2nd. I was sitting in the living room listening to all these accusations of my so called involvement into the production and manafacturing of pornography, even child pornography. I was told by “M” the tall Mexican who was linked to the land lord that if I offered enough I could pay my way out of the situation. I was also intimated by the police who said similar things. Everyone wanted money. I was given a chance to make one phone call. I tried to reach out to a friend whose number I had memorized for years. I was made to hang up on them. I hoped they would find that unusual for my location and try to call the embassy.

“M” threatened us by saying if we didn’t help in the investigation we would surely die in a Mexican Prison. He told us we would make the news and would be headed to Mexico City to the federal prison. He promised to make our lives a living hell if we didn’t cooperate in the investigation and pay him off. The cops too wanted money but their priority was more the fame.

At this point “M” took a bar and knocked in the door of one of my room mates who was sleeping. An altercation quickly followed. My room mate referred here as “J” quickly grabbed the bar and words were exchanged. “J” drug “M” to the edge of the balcony where the spiral staircase was and was close to pushing “M” off the balcony which would have probably ended his life.

A police officer quickly approached and pulled a gun on “J” and “M”. “J” put the bar down and put his hands up. Normally you would expect an arrest or handcuffing to take place. Instead “J” was made to go sit on the couch with the rest of us. When the gun was pulled myself and one of the room mates reffered here as “S” jumped behind the concrete wall to avoid possibly getting caught in the gunfire. Luckily it never happened.

At this point I was not handcuffed and considered fleeing. I couldn’t flee out the downstairs front door. But the possibility entered my mind of going up off the room and down onto the neighboring apartment complex.

Little did I know a few seconds 8 cop cars pulled up with 10 officers. So no hope of escape was even possible. And soon the handcuffs would follow. At this point the officers told us to be quiet and that cooperation would make it all easier. I was asked if I had keys to “Johns” bedroom. I didn’t.”M” tried the hallway passage via my room but that door was locked as well. He returned with the bar and knocked the door down. He and the owner of the house made claims of child porn on “John”‘s computer. Saying he knew we were involved and it was better to come clean and find a way to make it easier.

The cops quickly asserted control over the situation and had “J” go into “John”‘s room and help them. I assumed “John” was locked up in the police car. Which was the case. It had been about an hour since our original detainment. I asked to use the bathroom and was told in due time. This continued for about a half an hour.

Finally we were able to use the restroom and get something to drink. Food however was out of the question. The police began to cart away evidence. Meaning basically 1/4 of what they were collecting was “evidence” and the rest was being loaded up into their cars to take home.

Suitcase upon suitcase was loaded up and carted away. Soon we would be carted away as well…

The Disappearance of David Krug is part of a blog-series entitled Boleta De Libertad meant to inform people on the dangers of Tijuana, Mexican Police, and Corrupt Americanos in the nether regions of Tijuana.

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