Writing these articles isn’t the easiest or the funnest thing I have ever done in my life. I am extremely frustrated, angry, and upset by the loss of trust in humanity. Yet I move on. Fighting rage as I go

Being transferred in the back of a pickup truck with sirens blaring isn’t anything new to me now. But it was then. Handcuffed together being lied to about just going down for some questions when in all reality we were being arrested.

It was about 2:45pm when we arrived at the station almost 5 hours after the initial contact with the police. Nothing like being held for 5 hours in your house while the police ransack a place threaten you and scare the living crap out of you without being told what the hell is going, what the process is and why they are arresting you.

What’s great is to come back stateside and find out the News Media, including Yahoo has accused you of Child Prostitution and Manufacturing and Distribution of illegal pornography.

Should really check their facts before quoting people. Just sickening, disheartening and well darn right fucking evil IMO.

We were made to stand at the front of our cells, and give interviews, get our pictures taken, and cooperate with the media. Very frustrating. I still hadn’t eaten all day as they had just woke us up.

I’m still amazed at how fast the media was called even before evidence was looked through. We were Americans, and this was a high profile case. So let’s not analyze to much lets declare all 5 of these guys child trafficking prostitution kings and get it over with. Thus ruining their lives, putting them at risk for retribution beatings, even murder in a violent prison.

Basically we were sentenced to death in a Mexican Prison even before we were proven guilty. Even though in Mexico guilt comes with the charge. It’s guilty before proven innocent.
Tell me you wouldn’t condone, and accept the death of people charged, and proven guilty of child prostitution?

It was at this moment I began having a Jean Valjean moment. I began to thank the supreme creator of the universe for every person I was fortunate enough to know. Thanking the creator of life itself and for grace. I had not yet made peace with the creator but was well on my way to understanding what grace was.

Under the Napoleonic Code innocence means nothing and grace is everything and nothing. Mexico’s legal system if very napoleonic and presumes guilt and denies rehabilitation and acknowledges heavy punishment.

Although I was hoping for some way out of this I wasn’t holding my breath. After the media frenzy cleared and the 20-30 cameramen and reporters left we were ushered into the back of the truck again and ushered away to another jail to see a judge.

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