So we have left the Rapida, and head out to the Zona Rio Police Station to see a municipal judge.

A Municipal Judge is an official of the municipal government with the
authority to apply sanctions (penalties) against persons who commit infractions and
misdemeanors and refer persons who commit major crimes or felonies to another
competent authority. The Municipal Judge can also resolve complaints about or
disagreements with sanctions dictated by other municipal authorities.
The Municipal Judge is independent from all police forces and is prepared and
trained to resolve cases in an objective, impartial, and independent manner.
Tijuana has 56 Municipal Judges in 17 different locations of the city. Nine of these
courts offer service 24 hours a day. Among these 24 hour courts is one next to the
San Ysidro/Tijuana border, making Tijuana the first Mexican city to offer a bilingual
municipal judge on the U.S./ Mexico border.

By the time we see the judge its around 9pm in the evening. In the holding cell there were some interesting discussions that looking back on it bring out the truth of the situation in hindsight. One of the police officers who by now is also tired yet responsible for us loosens our cuffs and goes and gets us food. We are still all cuffed together in a god awful cell with about 30 mexicans but the mexicans are on one side of the room and we are on the other.

I manage to slip my hand cuffs off but keep them nearby so as not to draw any attention. I have pretty small wrists and a history of flexible thumbs. I considered at one point at going through the open door and jumping in a cab and heading to the border but they had my id.

So alas it never happened. It’s not a crime in Mexico to escape from prison or jail. It’s considered human instinct and is not punished.

After seeing the judge we were returned to the cell for awhile before being loaded into a squad car. This time all into the back of the car. I had to crawl on top of the other four and lay down. The police officers said if we tried anything they would shoot.

We arrived at the State Justice Center and I once again considered taking off I could have easily slipped through the handcuffs but was unsure of where I was and figured this would be over soon and I would be let free.

Little did I know…

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