Tijuana mayor Jorge Hank-Rhon held a press conference in San Diego on Monday to address concerns about the level of violence in his city.Urging people to continue to visit Tijuana, he laid out the steps he’s taken to curb the violence including addressing corruption in his police force, installing hundreds of surveillance cameras and putting 700 police on the streets.

Hank-Rhon points out that the numbers of violent incidents are down and accuses the media of sensationalizing several recent brutal killings giving the impression that Tijuana is dangerous.

While Hank-Rhon states that Tijuana is no more dangerous than San Diego, officials still suggest that visitors stay in designated safe zones such as those around Avenida Revolucion, prominent businesses, parks and malls.


What he is trying to do is stop the downfall of the legal economy. Which is something I really noticed down there. The economy of Tijuana is based largely on illegality. Illegal Prescription Drugs, Illegal Drugs, Illegal Prostitution, and Legalized Prostitution.

Jorge Hank-Rhon tries to make the claim that Tijuana is just as safe as San Diego. But Tijuana is not even close. I would walk around San Diego, any part of it at night and feel safe. Even downtown. But I wouldn’t dare do that in Tijuana.

So who is Jorge Hank-Rhon the man who runs one of North America’s fastest growing cities?

The dirty truth about the man who became the most powerful man at the busiest border in the world

The Island of Jorge Hank-Rhon

The Family Tree of Jorge Hank-Rhon

The best part is the Clinton administration knew the guy was scum and yet protected him, even empowered him.

In fact the biggest threat to the border isn’t illegal immigrants. It’s Jorge Hank Rhon.

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