I think we have to do the things that make us happy. I’ve been trying to make sense the last little while everything that happened to me. All the things I considered and all the emotions I felt.

A friend recently said that Religion occurs outside of our ability to control. And he’s right. But what is it when someone who has control and is living a normal life decides to give up everything to serve a group of prisoners. It’s truly an amazing story outside even religious circles.

My story might seem interesting, but a greater story was going on inside the walls of La Mesa Prison for a much longer period of time.

Some articles of note concerning this:
NPR Story
Washington Post Story

I’d like to make a documentary interviewing former prisoners, to document the life of Mary Clarke not for the sake of any higher religious purpose but for the sake of understanding that even in one of humanity’s darkest places that one soul can bring light to many.

I personally know of two miracles I have heard concerning her and I find it fitting to call her a saint even to those who find religion folly. For even outside of religion there is compassion on those who need it most.

I don’t know how I will raise the funds to make a documentary of this kind. I have a dream team of people I’d love to get involved and I’m not sure they would be interested. Over the next while I plan to contact them and hopefully get them engaged in this.

In the meantime if you or someone you know is interested in being apart of this project please do let me know.

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