I’ve had enough of Mexico for the day. Back to that tommorow.

Let’s talk about Web 2.0 Startups. Not the good ones. The really bad ones.
I’m going to suprise you here. The bad ones aren’t who you’d expect.

Digg has pretty much become an echo chamber the site is useless even for geeks like myself. I wish the whole thing had never happened. The traffic is useless, its annoying. Even if I wanted to be a user the site is so damn slow that its not even possible to use. It’s also a huge clusterfuck since they changed it up.

I love it and I hate it. It’s pretty well full of the most pompous shit heads this side of Digg. They gripe and complain no matter what you put up. Unless of course its ZeFrank or something about politics. Seems like politics has taken over Reddit. And if its not their political leanings its not good enough. However if you mention Paul Graham, or his company its alright. I’m not even sure who reddit is. But its annoying nonetheless. The crowd is worthless.

I used to love YouTube now its just a mess. Youtube had something going until they became greedy and grew too fast. Now its like a huge spam blog with some videos wrapped around it.
The users are bitter and bicker too. Their are so many advertisers and promoters I can’t tell reality from fiction and fiction from reality. It’s not even usable or entertaining. What I really want is the ability to watch last weeks shows this week. If anyone else can do this. I will go back to watching video online. Until then. I could care less about video including all these new web shows. The exception being Zefrank and Tubetorial.

Online Calendars
I dont even use a real world calendar no less an online one. I dont get it. So all the calendars and organizers unless they have a way to clean out my inbox and keep the spam out its all useless.

Now let’s sort out some ideas for startups that would really work.

1) Akismet for Email
I want email that works. Online, Offline, and Inline. I could care less. But someone develop a decent spam blocking tool that works and you will get rich. Zillons and Zillions of Dollars Rich.

2) The TVShow Archive
Someone jump on and provide a decent archive of current TV Shows for free to watch on the web. I’m fine with commercials. But I want to watch legally Prison Break every week online without having to feel guilty if I miss an episode. There’s always money in real world archives. So just start the damn company already. (Google, do it already)

3) P2P Netscape
Dear Jason Calacanis,
I’m really tired of having my digg crowd be too crowded. I want to have a cool plugin for AIM that does one simple thing. Allows me to have a private Netscape. You know one I can share with my friends and their friends and their friends friends. Like a private neighborhood Netscape. Because I’m tired of all the crowds. Then once we figure out what our hottest article is we can send it over to the main site. That way its not just a huge clusterfuck. And if we want to keep it private we can. Shouldn’t be hard to implement with AIM and a private netscape page. Hit me up if you want some ideas of what this would look like.

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