You may think this is a big joke. But its not. Tijuana is still the most travelled to city in the world and no matter what my experience may have been its important that people are safe and educated.

Less than 20 miles south of downtown San Diego lies the world’s busiest port of entry –
the international border crossing between San Ysidro, CA and Tijuana, Mexico.There are really only a few ways to cross into Mexico.

1) Park in the US and Walk Across.
Parking is anywhere from 7 to 10 dollars for overnight parking in the San Ysidro area.

2) Take the trolley from downtown San Diego.
This takes about an hour and only costs you 2 bucks. But its a nice ride and you can’t get lost. San Ysidro is the last stop. 2 seconds from the border.

Dont take your car into TJ, and Don’t Fly. Simple enough. If you must take your car make sure to get auto insurance before you go into mexico. Very important issue. Otherwise your car could get impounded.

Getting into Mexico is easy. Now that you are there. There are a couple of important things to remember avoid peak time travel issues. If you must cross back into the US do it during off peak hours. Avoid Sunday’s at all costs. Make your trips in the middle of the day between 11am and 3pm. Otherwise its just a pain in the ass.

Bring your passport, a copy of your birth certificate, ID, and extra photocopies just in case. Although you can re-enter without any of this. They just fingerprint you and do a quick Department of Homeland Security Screening to make sure who you say you are and you aren’t wanted by any state for any crimes.

My recommendation is to carry cash in one pocket, pesos in the other and keep only copies of your important documents in your walet. Always stash a 20 dollar bill in your shoe. It’s to save your ass if you ever end up in prison. Or you have to buy your way out of a jam.

Ok, so you are in Mexico great. Tommorow I will teach you how to get around via public transportation without having to deal with the organized crime division aka The Yellow Cabs.

Celebrity Cowboy’s Guide to Tijuana

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