The Story Continues…

I hadn’t eaten in days. The gruel/soup was killing my stomach. I was managing to stomach a few cookies a day by trading my soup. I was obviously getting weaker and at some point was going to have to make a decision to try and eat this horrid vile crap or just go ahead and die.

I really didn’t want to do either. Our Lawyer was assuring us of our safety and our release that was imminent. I was not so sure. I had heard this before. I had heard rumors of other ways to get out of La Mesa but didn’t really consider this an option.

It was Friday Night and I watched the sun go down much like every other night. Tonight was actually enjoyable. The sky was purple and pink and it was a pleasantly warm evening unlike the night before which was terribly cold. I spent half the day shivering. I didn’t feel the greatest. My stomach was having issues. I remember saying a prayer that somehow I could get something decent to eat.

As I stared outside I was really at peace. The sun went down and after awhile everyone went to sleep. This was pretty much the natural routine. Everyone seemed to sleep after they got something in their stomachs.

At around 12am an American was brought into our building. He walked by my cell he was hispanic and I didn’t say anything. I called out to one of the other Americans and he was sleeping. But the American from 2 cells down answered me in plain english and asked what my name was. He told me his name, but I’ve soon forgotten it.

He asked if I was hungry. I definetly was. He asked what I was in here for. I told him the brief story and he commented ” That’s Fucked Up”. I then asked him why he was here and he told me without shame that he was a murderer.

A few minutes later he offered me half a chicken sandwich and half a burger. He threw them down the hallway wrapped and in a bag of course and I gladly gulped it up.
It was from Carl’s Jr. It was at that moment that my spirits began to rose and I had the strength to make it for a few more days. He also sent down some juice which was gladly appreciated.

I thought it was amazing that in the midst of all this chaos that a murderer would find compassion within himself to share in my time of need. I hope that somehow he finds some mercy and peace in his life. Because he brought some peace to mine.

Not all bad people are bad all the time. And not all good people are good some of the time.

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