In Oaxaca, Mexico their is a struggle for liberty that is largely being oppresed and given a skewed view by the news media in the US and in Mexico. One of the organizations that is attempting to make a real difference on this front is the Pittsburgh Organizing Group

Currently there are a few Americans who are doing a great job of blogging from the region and I have sent funds to the teachers of Oaxaca, Mexico in hopes that they can continue struggling for liberty and justice and what is truly right. I wish more people were like this in the world and stood for something they believed and were willing to die for it.

Leading into Friday, which is a day of international solidarity with the people of Oaxaca,Mexico I will be blogging for 24 Hours Straight from Thursday at Midnight to Friday at Midnight, all on the topic of Mexico, Labor, and the ongoing struggle of the people and how immigration issues in the US effect the growing corruption in Mexico.

For the first time in history the Zapatista Revolutionaries have joined together in support with the people of Oaxaca to support their struggle for liberty. I’m certain that a large civil war will certainly strike Mexico in the next 10 years, its already started and its largely ignored by Americans but it plays a huge role on why so many Illegal Immigrants aka Refugees are fleeing to America to give their families an opportunity to survive. Labor disagreements are often crushed by paramilitary police in Mexico and many often die in a simple struggle to put food on their table.

For those unfamiliar with the EZLN and the Zapatistas. Here’s a few videos documenting their struggle.

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