It was one month ago when I had the most horrible event in my life take place. You can go to this link to start reading the story.

Overall its been emotionally draining.

On top of that I have been dealing with an area of harassment by a former site buyer, in how I handled the Jack of All Blogs site transition. As you know and I’ve stated the original buyer Dan Zarrella fell through on numerous agreements. Dan’s taken some action that I consider low ball, and dirty. He’s decided to use SEO as a tool of libel in staking claim to the fact that Yahoo News claimed I was arrested in Mexico on charges of Child Porn and Prostitution.

Simply do a search for David Krug “Tijuana” or click here

I’m trying to laugh this off, but truthfully I won’t. I’ve sent in a few emails to some lawyers some rather close to me, and I plan to pursue this to the farthest ends of the earth. This is disgusting.

I took issue to the Yahoo News original article but didn’t want to get involved. It’s archives dont exist anymore so I wasnt worried about it. I did send them an email but never received a response. However now that we have a self proclaimed SEO professional touting that Yahoo News claimed my arrest was for child porn and prostitution I am going to take offense as this puts me, my family, and anyone associated with me at personal risk of injury to their property, their life, and their livelihood.

Plain a simple a real man either handles their differences, or takes it to court. And I’ve told Dan to sue me if he so desires and I will go wherever he wants to sue me. Or my preferred option is to hire a 3rd party negotiator and deal with it that way, or to just let it go.

Well that’s out of the question and I’m going to pursue any options I can to end this bullshit.

Because this SEO Libel shit is just that fucking bullshit that I will not tolerate nor should I have to.

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