My top secret advisor is a genius. He’s an IM Buddy of mine. He’s pretty low profile in the blogosphere for numerous reasons. I’m figuring out why after the fact of course. He has a lot of secrets. The secret to your health, probably not. Here are 7 Secret Strengths I learned from him and why he isn’t sharing them.

1. Your biggest strength is in your network.
You might be curious what I mean by network. I mean the ability to leverage your other sites to benefit you and your niche sites.

2. Your second biggest strength is in your niche selection.

Be careful in selecting new niche sites to develop they could come back to haunt you.

3. Your third biggest strength is the time you spend developing your kickass site.
Time is everything don’t waste it on useless over competitive niches like celebrity sites that don’t pay shit.

4. Your fourth biggest strength is in preparation and getting ready for the next big thing.
You have to be thinking ahead. Spend the last few months of this year building something for next year. Like your digg profile or your netscape profile. It’s never too late to get started on a successful 2007.

5. Your fifth biggest strength is keeping your sites abso-fuckinglutely secret from other SEO Trollers.
It’s alright to have a few sites that are more public but the high niche ones need to stay top secret especially from these uber-Seo geniuses.

6. Your sixth biggest strength is in the ability to hire highly efficient laborers to develop lots of quality content.
Don’t spend so much time developing your own sites. Hire people to develop your sites. That’s when you start making real money.

7. Your seventh and most important strength is in building high quality relative links back to your kick ass site.
It’s a link back world. Spend plenty of time building links by link bait, or heck buying them if you have to.

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