Americans around the country will head out to the polls very soon. Some say we will determine the fate of important issues. Most likely those issues are already predetermined whether we vote Republican or Democrat, or DONT VOTE AT ALL.

Elections in this country have become more entertainment than about making choices for the betterment of this country. It’s true democracy has failed in Iraq. Just as it has failed here in the United States. Largely on a national level we no longer have democracy as election fraud has become more prevalent, corporate interests push millions and even billions of dollars into election campaign. The ones with the most money surely win. And time will tell you Republicans are usually the ones with the most money and campaign supporters.

The policies of Republicans generally lean towards benefitting rich, white, religious middle class and upper middle class Americans thus making lower middle class, and poor the real losers of the War on Terror.

You know what I’m fine with that. I’m fine with losing a War on Terror that really is about hurting the American People by taking away civil liberties, eroding the constitution all the while rich white middle class Americans sit comfortably by while nothing happens.

I’m fine with losing a War in Iraq so that our troops who are caught in the midst of a civil war we created can come home. I’m fine with admitting that the President of the United States is no more justified to kill Iraqi’s by causing chaos than by the former President of Iraq killing Iraqi’s to prevent an assasination.

Saddam Hussein has been convicted for war crimes for killing a handful of people. What will be the judgement sent down by our Court System for the deaths of thousands of Americans who died because our President lied to Congress to pre-emptively go to war for the first time in US History? Who will bring the children back home who sacrificed their lives for the spread of liberty (err, securement of oil reserves)?

Is the war on terror, the war that has caused a mere 3k deaths as important as these things that have killed so much more:

Drunk Driving
Chaos in Africa

Yet somehow the American people have allowed this administration the free reign to bankrupt our future to secure the current wealth of the 1%.

Tell me this is not where the true war on terror was fought. The war on terror was fought on the American People to sign the death squad warrant on our future. On the future of the globe, our economy, our education, our nation. All for the wealth of the most powerful men in the world to seize riches, and power.

If the war on terror so far is an indicator of the war on terror in the future. I’m fine with losing. In fact I hope we do lose.

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