It’s a common belief that a cab is a cab is a cab in Tijuana. Let me tell you its not.

Once you cross the border into Tijuana there is a wide variety of choices of taxis. The most prevalent are the yellow cabs. Some folks have one opinion on the yellow cabs vs the libre cabs. Here’s my take.

Why I dont ride Yellow Cabs
Yellow Cabs are what I call tourist cabs. They specifically target tourists at the border because they hold the racket on border cabs. You won’t find a libre taxi which are normally green and white at the border. Although they are also sometimes red.

I’ve had 50/50 good to bad experiences on Yellow Cabs. The bad experience was where a cab driver wanted to take me to one bar I didnt want to go. He soon realized I wasn’t just a dumb tourist and I demanded to either stop the cab or take me to my destination.

Yellow Cabs control much of the economy of Tijuana. They drive Americans to their destinations. Thus they are heavily influenced by business, and the local mafia in general. In fact they have to pay to be Taxi Drivers as much as 24,000 a year. But they easily make that back.

In my opinion you should avoid any connection with the mob. Take the Taxi Libre Cab, deal with the lesser charge, the meter, and the poor english. In the end you will be safer, free to choose your destination and have less headaches.

Where to catch a Taxi Libre

Taxi Libre Cabs are around the corner to the McDonalds. You can get to the McDonalds by hanging a right at the far gate when you get into Tijuana. Here’s a good pic of Taxi Libre. If you need a pic of a yellow cab you are a moron.

taxi libre

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