The Guardian had a few interviews with Web 2.0 developers. Here’s my favorite of them all. Their piece with Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame.

Jazz turned Matt Mullenweg into a ‘computer guy’. He loved the jazz saxophone and, as a schoolboy, discovered a novel way to get free lessons from the saxophonists of Houston, Texas: he built them websites. ‘I would barter websites for music lessons,’ he says. ‘The websites were pretty awful but, for Houston, the jazz musicians were pretty good.’

Five years ago, Mullenweg still hoped to become a professional jazz musician. Then he discovered blogging. It enabled him to ‘reach my tribe, and that was really powerful for me as an awkward teenager’. He began tinkering with freely available, open source software to develop new blog-building tools. The result was WordPress, a set of free, self-publishing software with clean typography and clever functions that soon attracted a blogging elite.

Go read the rest…

Congratulation Matt !

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