Members of various guerilla organizations have taken their war for liberty and freedom to Mexico City threatening to bomb financial institutions. This after nearly 2 weeks of armed street fighting, tear gas, and conflict in the heavy tourist city of Oaxaca that was largely fueled by human rights violations as Mexico’s Federal Riot Police broke up a teachers strike last week.

oaxaca mexico protest

Mexico City police stepped up police patrols around financial institutions and government offices after a group claming responsibility for three bombings yesterday vowed to carry out more attacks.

Police will increase their presence around government offices including the headquarters of state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos, Mexico City police spokesman Jorge Garcia said in a telephone interview. Patrols will also pick up around banks and the headquarters of political parties, he said.

Three simultaneous explosions yesterday damaged the federal election court, a bank branch and headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. A coalition of guerilla groups from the state of Oaxaca claimed responsibility for the attacks in a statement posted on the Center for Documentation of Armed Movements Web site.


I personally think its pretty horrible that Mexico’s ally to the North, yep thats us hasn’t interceded and asked the Mexican Government to come to some peaceful terms especially after 4 maybe 5 americans including 2 journalists have been killed during the fighting. Over the next 12 months I believe you will Mexico getting as bloodied as Iraq is.

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