While the US people may have spoken and won a very important sweep in the elections we are still
not in the clear. In October the President destroyed Habeas Corpus and basically made it possible to detain any American without reason, without trial indefinetly as enemies of The State.

Sounds eerily like China, or the Soviet Union.

martial law

Recently the President passed a bill called 2007 John Warner Defense Authorization Act. It all seems normal. I read the whole thing. Talk about not a lot of fun. You might say this bill is exactly what we all should be afraid of. It allows for the deployment of US Troops in any state during a state of national emergency at the discretion of the President. Aka Federal Martial Law. Without permission from the governor of said state, without permission from Congress.

Here’s the provision:

(Sec. 1042) Revises federal provisions allowing the President to utilize the Armed Forces in connection with interference with federal and state law to allow the President to employ the Armed Forces and National Guard in federal service to restore public order in cases of natural disaster, epidemic or other public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or domestic violence. Requires the President to notify Congress within 14 days of the exercise of such authority. Authorizes the President, when exercising such authority, to direct the Secretary to provide supplies, services, and equipment to persons affected by the situation.

Source: Library of Congress

Interestingly enough this bill will allow the president to direct funds, resources from one state like California to the border if the President declares Immigration as domestic violence, or a national emergency.

Never before in our history has it been possible for the President of our nation to have so much power with so little checks and balances. What I’d like to know is can our new congress fix this mess? Or have we lost so many civil liberties, and protections in this country that we are headed towards permanent Martial Law at the discretion of this president, or possibly the next.

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